Wednesday, April 4, 2007

We Hope This Guy Falls Off the Roof

We are sorry to say that some local djs are trying to get our boy Sanjaya booted off American Idol. To emphasize their point, one of the dj's, this fella named Justice, will be staying on the roof of a local car dealership until Sanjaya is gone. We say boo to him, and boo to Wired 96.5. Here is Justice on the roof:

We hope the strap breaks and a swift gust of wind picks him up, a la The Wizard of Oz, and he somehow lands under a house in someplace not named Kansas.

We are willing to stay on the roof of a local Wendy's to get this low rated morning show removed from the airways. We have always heard the rumors that anyone who goes into radio usually has a "face for radio." These rumors prove to be true by looking at this group of winners. The sad thing is that the photo of Chio actually makes him look good! He has a local tv commercial were he looks like a schmoo.

They have also started a website, Vote Off Sanjaya, which I suppose is their way of competing with this. Basically, screw them for trying to ruin our fun.

Since they want to ruin our fun, I say we should ruin theirs. Go to dj Justice's myspace page and pester the fuck out of him, or travel over to Conicelli Toyota at 550 W Ridge Pike in Conshohocken (although, it is actually in Plymouth....) and shoot him with a bb gun or something else that will inflict minor pain without killing him. We dont feel the need to be responsible for the death of an otherwise useless human being.

Here are some other 96.5 employees/interns who we also hate:

Some people are just way too far into this american idol thing....

Remember, DONT VOTE!!!

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