Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Binge for a Win!

As opposed to those sticks in the mud (and general fatties) who want to starve until Sanjaya gets voted off (and honestly, do we really think these people are starving themselves? Come on people, Americans lie. Yep, we do! We say we will do one thing, and then do the other!), this fella wants to binge eat until Sanjaya wins! Obviously, if Sanjaya gets voted off this guy will have to binge eat himself to death. The odd thing, he might actually finish his binge eating (Sanjaya wins) before those others starve themselves to death. Either way, we are routing for someone to die. Here's the myspace page: Binge for Sanjaya, and here is his oath:

Binge Eating For Sanjaya Malakar

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You could visit his webpage: The Famous Guy, or email him: thefamousguy@thefamousguy.com. We love the food hanging out of his mouth, it reminds us of why we love Sanjaya's hair

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