Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Cheek to Cheek (The 15 Year Old Greaser)

This week our man with the superior follicles was coached/encouraged by the legendary Tony Bennett. Yep, the same Tony Bennett who is 3 times our collective age here at Hair of Sanjaya. He was told to understand the song, or something like that. Honestly, we dont pay too much attention to American Idol, especially when Sanjaya's hair is on the TV. We are smitten with his Hair. We are told that he sang "Cheek to Cheek," so we will believe that, at least for now.

Anyway, here are the photos. As you can see, our hero went with the 15 year old Greaser look. It wasnt as daring as the Fauxhawk, however, the white suit he sported really struck a cord with our own fashion sense.

Sanjaya and his Hair meeting Mr. Tony Bennett

Looking lovingly towards all of you! Check out the Jeri-Juice. Just let that Soouuul Gloooow!

Dancing with Dame Paula. Are we sure Sanjaya isnt related to Skat-Cat?

Listening intently to the judge's critique. Simon: "Let's try something new: Excellent"

Sanjaya to Simon: "Welcome to the Sanjaya Universe!!!!"

We dont know what to expect for next week, however we suggest dread-locks or the French braid.

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