Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Besame Mucho (Facial Hair of Sanjaya)

This week Sanjaya sang Besame Mucho, a song written in 1940 by the great Consuelo Velázquez. Yes, we had no clue who Consuelo Velázquez was either, but we were familiar with his song thanks to our 8th grade Spanish Teacher who played various versions of this song as we walked in each day. It's true, we do speak spanish, or at least spoke. But this isnt about us, or about how Sanjaya sang his song, no, this is about the Hair!

Unfortunately, the Hair was quite understated tonight, however, Sanjaya made up for his shortened, curled locks by growing us some Facial Hair!!!!

This 15 year old look really makes us want to kiss Sanjaya a whole lot, or perhaps we are just taken by the words of the song.

Look at those kissable, hairy lips. We say: Mmmmmmm, Besame Mucho!

We believe that Sanjaya's hot sister, Shymali (here seen on the left), is dating Blake's doppleganger, who is conveniently sporting the Fauxhawk look from weeks past.

Have we mentioned recently how extremely hot Shymali truly is? While we are a bit creeped out at how much Shymali and Sanjaya look a-like, however, we are clearly willing to overcome that creepiness.

Sanjaya sporting a smile after the performance of his lifetime. We believe, as do all of you, that he will be around for yet another week, and we are so happy for that. We also hope that the Hair will return in full force next week, although we are a bit troubled/saddened by its shortened length.

We would be remise to omit Simon's comment tonight: "I'm going to hate myself for this, but it wasn't horrible!" This is Sanjaya's reaction to that comment.

We cant wait for tomorrow when Phil will be going home. So sorry Phil, but Haley's legs and Sanjaya's Hair will always trumpet your bald head and Kenny Logan's sounding voice.

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