Thursday, April 12, 2007

So, Sanjaya Stays Again! And His Hair Too!

Enough of you people voted to keep our favorite follicle-ly blessed "singer" on the show. Way to go!

Here is the Hair and Sanjaya showing surprise when Ryan tells him to repeatedly sit back down, it isnt his time. We enjoy the slight curled look. It works now that the Hair is shorter. It is almost like a remix of the Secretary look from earlier:

And here he is shortly after Ryan told him that he gets to stay for another week:

Our favorite sister is here, reacting to the mixed cheers/jeers once it was announce that the Hair and Sanjaya can both stay for another week:

And finally, it is time to say goodbye to the Mole of Haley:

In some other news, here is our favorite TV Reality Quote of the Week. This week's quote comes from Dionne, one of the contestants on America's Next Top Model. Her statement is her reaction upon first seeing her mother, sister, and baby for the first time since the show began:

"I see my baby, my mom, my older sister, and the only thing Im thinkin is, 'What the fuck wrong with my baby's hair?"

And once again, all is right with the world....

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