Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let's Give Em Something to Talk About (WigofSanjaya Karaoke RMX)

So faithful hero and his power wig were on full blast this fine Tuesday eve. While Sanjaya should never sing country, or even thing about the genre really, his hair was lookin all fine up in that bandanna. That is, until we looked at it a little closer and realize that the hair was in fact covered up by a puffy fro-ish wig.

Some might not see the wig, but we do. Those others clearly do not know what they are talking about, and obviously are not an authority on the matter of wigs, hair in general, or fashion on the whole, but we digress. It isn't like picking out wigs is a god given talent. You can either spot it, or you can't. Perhaps we, here at HairofSanjaya, have had years of practice spotting wigs because of some close association with a person who currently wears a wig, and who has been trying to hide that fact for 45 years or so. What were we talking about? Yes, the hair. The Hair of Sanjaya.

Here is Simon making a face as Sanjaya crosses his path. You can see Sanjaya hoola-hooping his way in front of the judges, that's him over to the left. If you look at the back of his head, you can clearly see his darker HAIR underneath the layered wig.

And finally, we have taken a shot so good that we know it will become famous, so we offer you this in two sizes:

Damn, we are good. Unfortunately, we feel that after this week we will lose the Hair for good. Say it aint so!

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