Friday, April 27, 2007

Sanjaya Understands Women!

Yes, we are still around to fulfill all of your Sanjaya wants and needs, however we have been so distraught over our hero's, and his Hair's, diparture from American Idol that we havent been able to pull ourselves together to properly send him off. Dont fear, we will eventually get to it, just not yet....

In the meantime, Sanjaya understands women, mainly cause he was raised by them, at least according to him. We find this odd because the producers of AI contsantly showed his father in the audience. Furthermore, we were astonished to find out that he was, in fact, raised by humans. For quite some time we suspected that Sanjaya was lost at birth, found by and raised by Red Fraggle:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let's Give Em Something to Talk About (WigofSanjaya Karaoke RMX)

So faithful hero and his power wig were on full blast this fine Tuesday eve. While Sanjaya should never sing country, or even thing about the genre really, his hair was lookin all fine up in that bandanna. That is, until we looked at it a little closer and realize that the hair was in fact covered up by a puffy fro-ish wig.

Some might not see the wig, but we do. Those others clearly do not know what they are talking about, and obviously are not an authority on the matter of wigs, hair in general, or fashion on the whole, but we digress. It isn't like picking out wigs is a god given talent. You can either spot it, or you can't. Perhaps we, here at HairofSanjaya, have had years of practice spotting wigs because of some close association with a person who currently wears a wig, and who has been trying to hide that fact for 45 years or so. What were we talking about? Yes, the hair. The Hair of Sanjaya.

Here is Simon making a face as Sanjaya crosses his path. You can see Sanjaya hoola-hooping his way in front of the judges, that's him over to the left. If you look at the back of his head, you can clearly see his darker HAIR underneath the layered wig.

And finally, we have taken a shot so good that we know it will become famous, so we offer you this in two sizes:

Damn, we are good. Unfortunately, we feel that after this week we will lose the Hair for good. Say it aint so!

Remember not to vote.

Friday, April 13, 2007

What's Next?

So what will our fearless singer do after he is voted off of Idol (that is, IF he is voted off)?

Here are some ideas. Our personal favorite is Siegfried and Sanjaya. We'd pay to see that in Vegas, especially if there are tiger attacks (naturally the tigers would not attack Sanjaya, his hair is just too fabulous to muss).

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So, Sanjaya Stays Again! And His Hair Too!

Enough of you people voted to keep our favorite follicle-ly blessed "singer" on the show. Way to go!

Here is the Hair and Sanjaya showing surprise when Ryan tells him to repeatedly sit back down, it isnt his time. We enjoy the slight curled look. It works now that the Hair is shorter. It is almost like a remix of the Secretary look from earlier:

And here he is shortly after Ryan told him that he gets to stay for another week:

Our favorite sister is here, reacting to the mixed cheers/jeers once it was announce that the Hair and Sanjaya can both stay for another week:

And finally, it is time to say goodbye to the Mole of Haley:

In some other news, here is our favorite TV Reality Quote of the Week. This week's quote comes from Dionne, one of the contestants on America's Next Top Model. Her statement is her reaction upon first seeing her mother, sister, and baby for the first time since the show began:

"I see my baby, my mom, my older sister, and the only thing Im thinkin is, 'What the fuck wrong with my baby's hair?"

And once again, all is right with the world....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Besame Mucho (Facial Hair of Sanjaya)

This week Sanjaya sang Besame Mucho, a song written in 1940 by the great Consuelo Velázquez. Yes, we had no clue who Consuelo Velázquez was either, but we were familiar with his song thanks to our 8th grade Spanish Teacher who played various versions of this song as we walked in each day. It's true, we do speak spanish, or at least spoke. But this isnt about us, or about how Sanjaya sang his song, no, this is about the Hair!

Unfortunately, the Hair was quite understated tonight, however, Sanjaya made up for his shortened, curled locks by growing us some Facial Hair!!!!

This 15 year old look really makes us want to kiss Sanjaya a whole lot, or perhaps we are just taken by the words of the song.

Look at those kissable, hairy lips. We say: Mmmmmmm, Besame Mucho!

We believe that Sanjaya's hot sister, Shymali (here seen on the left), is dating Blake's doppleganger, who is conveniently sporting the Fauxhawk look from weeks past.

Have we mentioned recently how extremely hot Shymali truly is? While we are a bit creeped out at how much Shymali and Sanjaya look a-like, however, we are clearly willing to overcome that creepiness.

Sanjaya sporting a smile after the performance of his lifetime. We believe, as do all of you, that he will be around for yet another week, and we are so happy for that. We also hope that the Hair will return in full force next week, although we are a bit troubled/saddened by its shortened length.

We would be remise to omit Simon's comment tonight: "I'm going to hate myself for this, but it wasn't horrible!" This is Sanjaya's reaction to that comment.

We cant wait for tomorrow when Phil will be going home. So sorry Phil, but Haley's legs and Sanjaya's Hair will always trumpet your bald head and Kenny Logan's sounding voice.

Rumor's of a Good Singing Sanjaya?

According to TV Guide, on their website, who heard a Variety report, Sanjaya has been singing wonderfully during this week's practices with guest assistant JLo. We say "so?" Really, all we care about is his hair.

We'd also like to report that we used the word "Badunkadunk" a full 13 minutes before Matt Mitovich, of, used it in his report on Sanjaya and JLo. Yep, we are innovators!

Penis of Jason or Punany of LC?

Always wanting to expand our ever growing empire, we were considering opening a new blog called Penis of Jason, or Punany of LC, after hearing last week that a sex tape would soon be leaked of our favorite Laguna Beach/the Hills former couple. However, in leau of this news, we feel that we cannot associate ourselves with a racial and homophobic hatemonger such as Jason.

Unfortunately for poor, hateful Jason, he couldnt even get his slurs correct, calling Officer DePina (who is not black) the naughty no no N word, as well as the hateful, no no F word, and then claiming that he would have the officer's ass (which in our minds is a sign of his own tendencies.

Either way, we can't wait for this sex tape, and can only hope that he is as vocal during intercourse as he is while being arrested.