Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You Really Got Me (Bangs and the Crying Girl)

This is a feathered look. Sanjaya rocked out and his hair did him justice. Of course we dont think he rocked out, that is merely the opinion of the millions of fans who know absolutely nothing, but since these peons represent the majority, Sanjaya rocked it out!

Keep in mind that this is the performance that made the now famous Crying Girl, cry:

Dropping it like it's hot

a good shot of the back style of the hair, and an introduction to the crying girl

I imagine him up against a wall, either being frisked, or, something, else, uh, happening, you know, from behind, by a guy, with the hair being pulled

When Michael Jackson was still black

The Hair covering those sexy Stamos-like eyes. So seductive. Bob Kelly? Put that away

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