Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Aint No Mountain High Enough (The Secretary)

This is the hairstyle that gave us the idea for this blog. If you cannot see Sanjaya as a secretary with this hair, then you dont have eyes. Im sorry to be so crude, but seriously, with this hair style he should either be working in a small trucking office, or waiting on tables at a busy downtown diner.

This is the secretary look. Cant you imagine him in a tight blue power suit, complete with mini-skirt and white blouse, retrieving your coffee and paper first thing in the morning. Or how about the secretary taking dictation?

Again the glory hole, ball cusp look. Good technique though

"And here is your news paper sir. Can I shine your shoes or polish your knob?"

The secretary reaching that point that all secretaries find, the point were they will accept NO MORE! The secretary makes a stand

Make sure when you work the poll you lick the tip.

The Michael Jackson comparisons are creepy, yet true

Workin 9 to 5 to the beat of my own drum....

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