Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Original Original Hair of Sanjaya

Here it is, where it all began. Every myth has its starting point, and our mythical god started here. Ok, fair enough, it had 17 years to age and mature to get to this point, but the Hair has arrived on the scene; it has had it's debutant ball, it's coming out party, and we have the video proof.

Enjoy: the curtains are drawn back and the Hair of Sanjaya appears:

Another option for the name of this site, one which was thrown around, and around, and around, was boobsofshamali--------->

See what Im talking about:

Good lord, look at em bounce! Im having serious second thoughts about not doing the page boobsofshamali. I offer it to anyone to take, and please, make it all it can be!

Just in case you missed it, here is a, uh, closer shot:

Sure a short digression, but a necessary one, so you know where we, here at Hair of Sanjaya, are coming from. As you can see, Sanjaya had a much shorter and less touched hair cut, but that is to be expected. He has since had time to grow out his hair, which allows him to conquer those mystical styles he currently attempts.

Ok, fine, this is the original Hair of Sanjaya. As you can see, it is short, but there is promise in those follicles:

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