Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Who is Sanjaya?

We here at Hair of Sanjaya do not feel that it is our place to tell you about Sanjaya. Ask yourself, who REALLY is Sanjaya? What is Sanjaya? Can you answer these questions? We cant.

There are some who think they know the true Sanjaya. Here are some links to follow to learn something about the myth. Remember, however, that these links provide little to no information on the Hair of Sanjaya. This site remains the first and last site you will need for all the news relating to the Hair of Sanjaya. Anyway, here are the links:

American Idol Sanjaya Page


Sanjaya Fans

Sanjaya on YouTube (Original AI Try Out, Yay!

Howard Stern pretty much claims to being the driving force behind Sanjaya's success. We say bullox. We know it is because of the Hair of Sanjaya! By the way, why are you still listening to Stern? There needs to be more Opie and Anthony love.

Vote for the Worst Sure, why not....

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