Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Steppin Out With My Baby (The Fedora)

The Hair was hidden this week. We hear rumors of a conspiracy to get Sanjaya off of the show, but the Hair proved to be more magical than first anticipated. We highly expect that the Hair has now built up enough power to overrule any hates that are thrown its way.

Anyway, the fedora look was, well, different and creepy, but we have seen worse things while laying under Jim Norton's glass coffee table.

Showing off that Hula-Hooper body of his, but sadly hiding the one thing that we are all here to see, the Hair

If you dont grab from the underneath, it just doesnt feel right.

Forgot the words. Probably because the magic supplied by the Hair was being blocked by the fedora

Hardly hitting the high notes. Shame really.

Ta-da. I should sing in the rain

Finally, the Hair makes an appearance!

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